A brief Blackbird demo for the Nithburg catchment (upstream of WSC Gauge Nith River above Nithburg, 02GA038). This is generated using inputs suitable for demonstration purposes only, and is not intended for accurate calculations of floodlines. This data should not be used or interpreted for any consideration of flood lines or depths, and no warranty is provided for interpreting or using this data in any way.

The flows are provided in the right hand side as a selectable button (Q=500cms as the default). Values indicating the flow rate in cubic metres per second (cms) at the Nithburg gauge at the outlet of the catchment. Flow rates throughout the area are scaled by drainage area. The model deploys a standard step approach to determine depths at nodes throughout the domain, and then maps the results.

The results are provided here at a 2m or 6m resolution, though the methodology can support any resolution of results provided the same resolution DEM is provided. The model to produce these results (Blackbird) runs in just a few seconds, with an additional minute or less required to generate the raster results displayed below. Note that no checks on accuracy of results are provided, and results should not be interpreted in any real applications. Results come with no warranty or liability of any kind.

Blackbird is under development by Robert Chlumsky and Heron Hydrologic. If you have any questions or are interested in partnering with us to pilot the software for your jurisdiction, please Contact Us directly to discuss.

Note that these applications may take some time to load.

Nithburg 2m resolution demo

Nithburg 6m resolution demo